Karat Heavy-Weight Cutlery Kits (Knife, Fork, 1-ply Napkin), Black - 500 kits

SKU: U2207B
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Included is a heavyweight black plastic fork and a heavyweight plastic knife that are both strong and durable. These disposable utensils can be used for both hot and cold food. Great for breakfast foods, chicken meals, and more!

The kits are wrapped to ensure each item inside is clean and sterile, which makes them perfect for to-go orders, outdoor dining or food trucks.

  • Individually wrapped kit
  • For safe and sanitary distribution
  • Ideal for takeout, deliveries or food trucks

As more restaurants offer takeout and delivery, the need for wrapped cutlery kits has grown. Customers need plastic utensils packed with their order and they want the peace of mind knowing wrapped cutlery kits are safe and sanitary. The knife, fork and napkin kit contains the basic essentials to enjoy most meals without unnecessary additional items. No more wasted spoons or S&P packets! Save money by ordering just a fork, knife and napkin.


  • Napkin Ply: 1-ply
  • Wrap: Poly/Plastic
  • Utensil Weight: Heavy
  • Utensil Material: PP - Polypropylene
  • Color: Black fork, Black knife, White napkin
  • Unit Sold By: Case 500 kits

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