Karat Low Density 55-60 Gallon Trash Can Liner (38" x 58"), 1.5 Mil - 100 liners

SKU: JS-LL385815B

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Karat® low-density, 55-60 gallon trash can liners are ideal for heavy trash, debris and is strong enough to hold sharper objects. These low-density trash liners are opaque black, so it can help hide the contents within the bag. These 38” x 58” liners can be used in a variety of areas like kitchens, restaurants, hotels, high-activity restrooms and many more. Manage your business’s waste with ease with our low-density trash can liners! Each package provides 100 trash can liners and has 4 rolls with 25 pieces in each.

  • Color : Black
  • Capacity : 55-60 Gallon
  • Available in sizes 33-60, and 40-45 gallons.

Unit sold by: Case of 100 liners (25 pcs x 4 rolls)

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