Karat Med-Heavy Weight Asian Soup Spoon, White -1,000 pcs

SKU: U2015W
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Use the Karat Asian Soup Spoon as an elegant disposable solution for soup take out. These plastic soup spoons have a flat wide base that can hold plenty of broth, noodles, or wontons. Food service operators offering ramen, pho, wonton soup or any other broth-based soup will want this spoon in their restaurant supply. The polypropylene material and wide handle make this a durable break-resistant spoon capable of holding heavier soups.

The Karat Asian Soup Spoon can also be used at catering events to serve an amuse-bouche. Guests can sample these one-bite dishes then toss the spoon when finished which creates a more sanitary environment.

  • Break-resistant handle
  • Flat wide bottom holds broth best
  • Available in white or black
  • L*W (in): 5.55 * 1.46 

Units Sold As: Case 1,000 spoons (100 pcs per bag / 10 bags per case)

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