Tea Zone Milk Pudding Mix - Bag (2.2 lbs)

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Tea Zone
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Tea Zone Milk Pudding Mix is a flavored pudding mix that is perfect for putting on top of any beverage or dessert. Product images may vary due to different packaging design, product remains the same as described.

  • Premium powder mix
  • Contains many natural flavors
  • Perfect for putting on top beverages or desserts

Unit Sold By: Bag (2.2 lbs)

With many natural flavors to select from, Tea Zone powders are securely sealed and designed to be resealable after opening to maintain the quality of the powder. To ensure uncompromised and sanitary usage, powders should be stored in a vacuum-sealed power container and always use a dry, clean powder scoop. Packaging design may differ from the product photos.


Sugar, Maltodextrine, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Caseinate, Potassium Phosphate Dibasic, Potassium Tripoly Phosphate, Approved Emulsifiers, Sodium Solico Aluminate, Glucose, Natural Gum, Natural Extract

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