Oregon Chai Original Dry Chai Latte Mix - Bag (3 lbs)

SKU: K-Chai, 3.0 lb, original (powder mix)

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Mix up a delicious Oregon Chai favorite anytime with our mix in bulk bag packaging, perfect for foodservice operators. Our just-add-water preparation makes chai super easy and can be used in beverage machines.

  • Kosher certified
  • Signature chai spice blend
  • Includes scoop for easy measuring

True to its name, The Original Chai Tea Latte is, well, the original that started a coffeehouse trend. Inspired by the founder's trip to the Himalayas, this flavorful blend combines the chai spices of its Eastern heritage with a Western twist. The sweet and mildly spiced signature flavor features a blend of black tea, honey, smooth vanilla and chai spices in every delicious sip. The all-in-one mix contains real dairy and is designed for creaminess.

To mix, scoop into a cup and add hot water. Another option? Try using the powder in a Rice Crispy Treat recipe. You can customize these ways too: Mix a couple (more or less) tablespoons from the bag with a little milk or dairy substitute if you're in the mood for a creamier experience, or add ice if you like your chai cold.

More than twenty years after their company's founding, Oregon Chai products remain true to their principles. They strive to bring incredible flavor to the world, cup after cup, with minimal environmental impact.

Units Sold By: Bag (3 lbs)

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