Karat PP Plastic Medium Weight Color Changing Tea Spoons - Pink to Purple - 1,000 ct

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SKU U4000 (PKPU)

Sale price$30.75


These fun and playful spoons change colors when placed in cold temperatures starting at 5°C (41°F) and the colors become vivid at 0°C (32°F). They are made from PP and are fully recyclable. Choose from three different colors: pink to purple, yellow to orange, and yellow to green. Use them with shaved ice, frozen yogurt, and more!


  • Color: Pink to Purple
  • Type: Medium Weight
  • Material: PP-Polypropylene
  • Available In: Pink to Purple, Yellow to Green, Yellow to Orange
  • Units Sold By: Case 1,000 pcs (100 pcs per sleeve / 10 sleeves per case)

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