Torani Syrup Pump - 1 pc

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This pump fits onto any Torani 750ML bottle to make dispensing ¼ oz of Torani syrup easy and mess free.

The Torani Syrup Pump is designed to use on any 750ml Torani syrup bottle; dispensing ¼ oz of the product at a time. By utilizing this pump, you will no longer have to fear dropping a cap on the floor in front of customers or misplacing the cap all together, have the product spill and create a sticky mess, or pouring too much of the syrup and ruining the mixed drink.

  • Mess-free pump prevents an unwanted sticky mess
  • Easy to control the amount of product that dispenses
  • Conveniently and quickly access any desired Torani syrup with ease

Units Sold By: Individual Unit

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