Karat Earth 9" Giant PLA Straws (7mm) Paper Wrapped - Clear - 2,500 ct, KE-C9230

Sip and save the planet one straw at a time with our PLA plastic straws. They are ideal for cold beverages with a temperature range of 140° F - 158° F, which means they are perfect for your specialty drinks, lemonades, teas, and much more. Our eco-friendly straws are better for the environment and are the perfect replacements for the plastic straw bans. (Available in 9” & 10.25”)

Lollicup USA, Inc. will not be responsible for any damages during the transit due to temperature control.

UPC Code (Case): 814756029518

Units Sold By: 2,500 straws (5pcs per bag / 500 bags per case)

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