Tea Zone Passion Fruit Puree (64 oz.)

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Bring life to your menu with Tea Zone Passion fruit puree! Nothing matches the sweet and tangy taste of this refreshing passion fruit puree. It is strong, tart, and tropical. It enhances the flavor of ​a passion fruit smoothie​ , or ​passion fruit drinks ten folds just by adding a spoonful of it. 

Our passion fruit puree is used by restaurants, ice cream parlors to give a unique taste to their menu. It is used to prepare passion fruit tea, ​cocktails​, fruit smoothies,​ passion fruit mojitos​ , and so on.

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Transport yourself to the tropics with the exotic passion fruit puree. It is the perfect combination of sweet, yet tangy that adds the right touch to any beverage. Do not wait for your vacation. Taste the tropics today! Packaging design may differ from product photo.

Tea Zone passion fruit puree is available in a hassle-free bottle packaging and is readily available to make cocktails and smoothies. When smoothies and slushies with fresh passion fruit puree are on the menu, your customers can’t resist themselves from giving them a try!

Hospitality business owners like you can serve Tea Zone passion fruit puree with water, tea, club soda, lemonade—tasty, delicious, and refreshing! A spoonful of the puree is enough to add flavor and make your customers feel happy. Shop for a wide range of purees available in different flavors from us!  



How many times can you serve from one bottle?

One  Tea Zone passion fruit puree bottle weighs (64 OZ.) 1.9L so you can have approximately 25 servings each of 100 g.


How to store the puree? 

Store the packaging bottle in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. After opening, store in an airtight container.  


What is the shelf life?

12 months, unopened, and 12 months after opening.


Is refrigeration required?



Is it Cholesterol free and fat-free



Is it vegan?



Is it Gluten-free?



Is it Gelatin free?



Is it nut-free?




Fructose, Sugar, Passsion Fruit Concentrated Juice & Seed, Water, Pectin, CMC, Citric Acid, Sodium Metaphosphate, Passion Fruit Flavor, Potassium Sorbate

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