Thai Tea Leaves (13oz)

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  • All-natural loose leaves
  • Bold flavor
  • Less caffiene than coffee
  • Use to make Thai Iced Tea

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Since its origin in 10th century BC China, tea has become the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Served in various forms and mixes, spanning across different cultures and countries, it is also known to be beneficial to health and longevity. Packaged and securely sealed in every bag is the bold aroma of amazingly roasted Thai Tea Leaves harvested from natural leaf fields. These tea leaves are the best choice in bringing out bold flavors, whether served hot, cold, or mixed with fruit or milk. 

What is Thai Tea?

The leaves are a necessity when it comes to making Thai Tea. Originating from Southeast Asia, more specifically Thailand, it has become one of the most popular drinks at beverage shops and other restaurants. It has a light creamy texture that can be enjoyed as a drink or ice cream. 

This tea possesses a unique color that makes it stand out among other drinks. When served, it usually comes in two layers. The first portion, which is a dark orange, fills up about 70% of the cup, while the other 30% contains either non-dairy creamer, milk, or milk alternative. It is an interactive drink in the sense that customers have the honor of mixing the two layers of color together.


How To Make Thai Iced Tea

This simple thai tea recipe is all you need! First, brew your own leaves. You can either put the leaves in cold water overnight or pour hot water over them for a fast stronger method. Unlike tea bags, loose Thai tea leaves produce a richer and more authentic flavor. These loose tea leaves are easy to use. Second, add your choice of milk to your brewed tea and it’s ready to be enjoyed. 



Why is Thai tea orange?

Unfortunately, it is not naturally orange. It’s vibrant coloring is actually the result of food coloring, which has been approved by the FDA to be safe to consume.


Is Thai tea bad for you?

No, in fact, the caffeine and antioxidants it possesses help boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. However, the amount of sugar you choose to add will determine how healthy it is.


Is Thai tea fattening?

It all depends on what you choose to put in it. By itself it is neither sweet nor fattening. However, it is sweetened by either the milk product you use or other added sweeteners.


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