Eco Friendly Products


Be part of the movement to stop climate change by choosing eco-friendly products that can be recycled or composted.

What products are environmentally friendly?

Biodegradable  products can be decomposed over time by natural elements.

Compostable  products are made of only organic material that can be made into nutrient-rich compost.

Recyclable  products are marked with a resin number inside a recycle symbol to indicate whether you can toss it into the blue bin when finished.


Biodegradable Products


Paper Straws

Biodegradable straws are made entirely out of paper material which naturally disintegrates over time making it a more eco-friendly choice to plastic straws!

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Bio-Based Utensils

Bio-based products are significantly made up of renewable resources. These bio-based utensils are made from corn starches which allow the product materials to breakdown.

PLA Straws

PLA, Polylactic Acid, is a plant-based material used in place of regular plastic. These PLA straws can be taken to an industrial compost center for composting.

PLA Cups

Make the switch to plant-based PLA plastic cups that can be sent to an industrial compost center for composting. A great alternative to other plastic cups.


Compostable Products


Bagasse Hinged Containers

Bagasse is a natural byproduct of harvesting sugarcane. This sustainable resource has been made into a durable and compostable food container.

Paper Trays

Go green with PFAS Free paper food trays. These biodegradable single use paper products do not contain any harmful chemicals that prevent it from decomposing.

CPLA Utensils

This compostable and strong cutlery is made of a combination of PLA and lactic acid. Get both disposable utensils and environmentally friendly products.

Wooden Utensils

Switch to wooden utensils that can be sent to an industrial compost instead of a landfill. These sustainable products are an alternative to plastic cutlery.

Bagasse Plates

Bagasse plates offer a sturdy compostable alternative to styrofoam plates. The natural sugarcane fibers breakdown and can be composted.


Bagasse Bowls

Make rice bowls and salads in eco-friendly bagasse bowls. After use, they can be added to a compost pile to be decomposed into nutrient-rich soil.

Paper Napkins

Paper napkins are made from plant materials which make them compostable! Toss dirty used paper napkins into the compost to decompose.

Cup Accessories

Cup carriers and cup jackets are made from paper so they are also compostable and biodegradable. 


Recyclable Products


Paper Bags

Paper bags that have not been treated with chemicals are 100% recyclable. These bags are reusable and recyclable!


Mineral-filled Hinged Containers

Find a recycle symbol on each hinged container. After using and rinsing your food container, simply toss it in the recycle bin to give it a chance at a new life.

PET Plastic Cups

These PET cups are made with up to 30-50% recycled material and can be re-recycled after use. Manufactured in the USA. 

Microwaveable Containers

These multi-compartment meal prep containers have a recycle resin #5 so they can be recycled in your blue bin.

PET Salad Bowls

Mix a salad to go then discard the container into a recycle container. These PET plastic salad bowls have a recycle symbol with a #5.