Coffee Latte Powder 2 Ways with Caffe D’Vita
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Coffee Latte Powder 2 Ways with Caffe D’Vita

By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez

Coffee is a widely popular beverage, but why not switch things up? If you have a sweet tooth for coffee, Caffe D'Vita coffee powders are the perfect option. These powders can be enjoyed hot, iced, or blended and add a delightful coffee flavor to your day. Our coffee recipes featuring the Coffee Latte powder are a must-try, incorporating unexpected ingredients for a unique and scrumptious coffee experience.


The Mandarin Duck, aka Yuen Yeung, Recipe
The Mandarin Duck, also known as yuen yeung (鴛鴦) in Chinese, is a famous Hong Kong-style coffee and tea drink. Its popularity in China led Starbucks to launch a limited-time Yuen Yeung Frappuccino. Now you can make this tasty beverage at home and customize its sweetness to your liking.

• 8 oz Brewed Tea Zone Black Tea
• 3 tbs Caffe D’Vita Coffee Powder
 * Optional: 1 tbs Sweetened Condensed Milk

1. Combine hot tea with Caffe D’Vita coffee powder then stir until diluted. Add optional condensed milk and sweeten to taste.
2. In a glass of ice, pour the coffee tea drink.

Coffee Latte Affogato
An affogato al café, translates to drowned coffee. This Italian dessert traditionally pours a shot of espresso over vanilla ice cream. It’s simple but enjoyable. We amped up the coffee flavors of this dessert by pouring a prepared hot coffee latte over a java chip ice cream! Coffee on coffee. Try this amazing recipe.

• 4 oz Hot Water
• 1.5 Tbs Caffe D’Vita Coffee Powder
• 1 scoop Caffe D'Vita Java Chip Ice Cream (Recipe here)

1. Combine the hot water and the Caffe D’Vita coffee powder then stir until diluted.
2. Add a scoop of ice cream into a large wide cup.
3. Pour over Caffe D’Vita Coffee Latte
4. Enjoy with a spoon then drink the rest.

Caffe D’Vita
Say goodbye to expensive flavored coffee. With Caffe D'Vita coffee powders and syrups, you can create your own customized coffee drinks right at home. Experiment with different flavors and styles to enjoy a new indulgence every day. Caffe D'Vita powders make it simple and convenient to become your own barista, saving you the high cost of buying flavored coffee.


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