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Halloween Characters as Boba Drinks

By: Alyssa Deguzman

October is finally here, which means Halloween is officially creeping up on us. This highly favored holiday is celebrated all over the world and many people go all out when it comes to decorating and celebrating. All over social media, you can find DIY décor ideas to spook up your space and might even stumble across fun recipes to create.

Everyone knows spooky season has arrived when the leaves start to turn orange and brown shades and the crunch on the ground is as crisp as the air. As Halloween approaches, there’s no better way to get into the spirit than to watch scary movies that send chills up your spine. But maybe you’re thirsting for something scarily delicious as you’re watching your favorite horror classics. Create beverages that are inspired by some of your favorite characters this year to get into the spirit.

Jack's Frappe

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic and Jack Skellington is one of the most loved characters, so it’s fitting to make a drink based on him. Try making this frappe and scare all your family and friends with how good it is.

Jack's Frappe in PET Container

Materials Needed for Jack Skellington Decoration:
• Sharpie
• Tape
• Cutout of Jack's bowtie
• Marshmallow Fluff
Karat 24oz PET Clear Cup, U-Shape
Karat 98mm PET Plastic Dome Lid

Directions for Decorating:
1. Grab your dome lid and draw Jack’s face onto it.
2. Use the marshmallow fluff to line the inside of the cup vertically, resembling Jack’s striped suit.
3. Print and cutout Jack’s bowtie.
4. Put everything off to the side while preparing the frappe.

Ingredients for Frappe:
• 3 scoops MOCAFE Charcoal Mocha Powder
• 9 oz Milk of Choice
• 12 oz Ice

Directions for Frappe:
1. Add milk of choice, charcoal mocha mix, and ice into a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Pour the frappe into the decorated cup and put the decorated lid on.
3. Tape the cutout of Jack’s bowtie under Jack’s eyes, mouth, and nose.
4. Add whipped cream into the cup with lid on and enjoy!

A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson Sisters are back and ready to take over Salem. In honor of the release of Hocus Pocus 2, here is a boba drink inspired by the witchy trio. This Hocus Pocus inspired drink will be sure to put a spell on you!

• 6 oz Green Tea of Choice
• 1 oz Tea Zone Peach Syrup
• 1 tsp Tea Zone Grape Syrup
• 1 scoop Tea Zone Strawberry Coconut Jelly
• 1 scoop Tea Zone Green Apple Coconut Jelly
• Ice
• Shaker

1. In a shaker, put in green tea and peach syrup. Shake well.
2. In a separate cup, add in the Tea Zone Strawberry Coconut Jelly and then layer the Tea Zone Green Apple Coconut Jelly on top.
3. Fill the cup up with ice to your preference.
4. Pour in the Peach Green Tea mixture, leaving a little room at the top.
5. Pour in the Tea Zone Grape Syrup for a layered look.
6. Enjoy!

The IT Drink

Penny Wise is one of the most popular Halloween characters. He’s admired by many, despite being terrifying. It’s only right to make inspired by Halloween’s favorite clown. This beverage is tasty, tasty, beautiful fear in a cup. One sip and you’ll float too.

• 3 oz Tea Zone Raspberry Syrup
• 2 scoop Tea Zone Vanilla Powder
• 1 scoop Tea Zone White Tapioca Boba
• 16 oz Ice
• 4 oz Milk of Choice
• Whipped Cream
• Optional: Fresh Raspberries for garnish

1. Put Ice, Tea Zone Vanilla Powder and Milk of Choice into a blender and blend well.
2. In a cup, drizzle Tea Zone Raspberry Syrup along the sides.
3. Add your scoop of cooked White Tapioca Boba to the bottom of the cup.
4. Pour the blended vanilla into the cup and top it off with Whipped Cream.
5. Drizzle more Raspberry Syrup onto the Whipped Cream and top off with fresh raspberries.

Nightmare on Boba Street

Freddy Krueger is a character that has haunted our dreams for years, literally. Watching Nightmare on Elm Street is a Halloween staple for most horror film lovers. You’ll be dreaming of this Chocolate Strawberry Milk Tea as well.

• 4 oz Tea Zone Milk Tea Powder
• 2 oz Tea Zone Non-Dairy Creamer
• 1 oz Tea Zone Strawberry Syrup
• 1 scoop Tea Zone Chewy Tapioca Boba
• 1 cup Water (or Tea)
• Ice
• Chocolate Sauce
• Shaker

1. Combine Tea Zone Milk Tea Powder, Tea Zone Strawberry Syrup, and Tea Zone Non-Dairy Creamer into a shaker and shake well until blended.
2. In a cup, drizzle Chocolate Sauce along the sides.
3. Add your scoop of cooked Tea Zone Chewy Tapioca Boba to the bottom of the cup.
4. Fill the cup up with ice to your preference.
5. Pour in the Strawberry Milk Tea and enjoy!