Protective Equipment Essentials for Food Businesses
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Protective Equipment Essentials for Food Businesses

By: Lauren Landry

Here are personal protective supplies you need to stock up on for food, employee, and customer safety.


As a food business owner, safety is the primary concern. Safety includes making sure that food is not contaminated, supplies and equipment are clean, and employees are in peak health. In a health crisis, the spreading of infection and germs should be prevented, and the best way to do so is to wear personal protective equipment.

Thankfully, supplies such as these are easily accessible. You can purchase them in a boba supply store near you or shop them online and have them delivered straight to your shop.

Here are the top protective equipment and other safety essentials to buy wholesale for your food business:

1. Disposable Face Mask
2. Disposable KN95 Face Mask
3. Disposable Face shield
4. Disposable Gloves
5. Sanitizing wet wipes
6. Table-Cleaning Wipes
7. Hand Sanitizer

#1 Disposable Face Mask

Disposable face masks or surgical masks are usually used by healthcare workers. Its primary purpose is to provide a barrier that will stop direct airflow in and out of the nose and mouth. These masks are the top essential to wear in a health crisis, and thankfully, they can be purchased in bulk at affordable prices.

Karat’s sterile fluid-resistant face masks with ear loops are available in three different colors -- white, blue, and black. Wearing one helps protect your employees against viruses, dust, air pollutants, and other harmful elements in the air, and at the same time, prevents contamination of food. These masks can be bought in packages of 50.

#2 Disposable KN95 Face Mask

KN95 masks offer higher levels of protection than surgical masks in terms of blocking fine dust particles, pollen, and many other air pollutants. They can capture 95 percent of tiny particles preventing the wearing from inhaling these pollutants. Breathing in this mask is also more comfortable because of its shape and structure.  

Karat's KN95 masks are made of electrostatic filter material and provide breathable filtration that will make wearing them for extended periods easy to do. They are only available in white and can be purchased in packages of 20.

#3 Disposable Face Shield

Although face shields are not required, they prevent harmful fluids that could get into the eyes, nose, and mouth. In a medical setting, face shields are usually worn by healthcare professionals during surgeries or procedures in which blood, other bodily fluids, and bone fragments could get into facial orifices. On the other hand, food business employees can use them as eye protection when getting in close contact with customers or as oil splash protection when cooking.

The disposable face shields from Karat feature a comfortable design with a glasses frame. They are ideal for extended wear and can effectively protect the wearer's face against all liquids. These face shields can be purchased in packages of 25 pieces.

#4 Disposable Gloves

Health experts do not recommend wearing gloves to protect oneself from the virus. However, they are recommended for food business employees when preparing and handling food to prevent the spread of germs and contamination of consumables. There are many types of disposable gloves in the market today. However, the two recommended ones are latex and nitrile.

Karat's disposable powder-free latex gloves can protect hands and food from cross-contamination. Latex gloves are quite durable and made from rubber material for comfort and tactile sensitivity. On the other hand, Karat's disposable non-powdered nitrile gloves are perfect for employees with latex allergies. They are similar to latex in that they are comfortable to wear and provide tactile wear and a skin-tight fit.

#5 Sanitizing Wet Wipes

Sanitizing wet wipes are recommended for food business employees. They are skin-safe which means they are bleach- and alcohol-free, so they are perfect on hands. Sanitizing wipes can kill up to 99.99 percent of bacteria within 30 seconds, so they are pretty helpful after handling money. However, you need to ensure the wet wipes you will use pass the Official Detergent Sanitizer Test and are registered with the EPA.

The sanitizing wet wipes from Karat are fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and contain aloe vera for moisturizing the skin. The wipes can kill 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful elements on the skin within 30 to 60 seconds. They can also be used to sanitize non-food contact surfaces. Karat’s sanitizing wet wipes are sold in 

#6 Table-cleaning Wipes

Table-cleaning wipes are also handy for sanitation. Wipes made especially for table food contact surfaces are essential for reducing cross-contamination. Just like the sanitizing wipes for hands, the table-cleaning ones that you should get must kill up to 99.99 percent of bacteria in under a minute.

HandyClean Table Cleaning Wipes are perfect for cleaning hard surfaces where food is served, like dining tables and countertops, and are an excellent alternative to spray and rags. Each wipe is large and provides an easy and convenient way of cleaning without the need to rinse. These convenient wipes are sold in 12-pack cases. 

#7 Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are a great way to provide customers with cleaning supplies to make sure their hands are clean before eating or drinking. You can place them by your shop entrance or on each table. Although hand washing is still the most effective way to remove bacteria, viruses, and dirt on hands, hand sanitizers are the best solution when handwashing is not an option.

Karat’s hand sanitizer gel contains aloe vera for moisturizing the skin and 70 percent alcohol for adequate sanitation. The formula dries quickly and can reduce the number of microbes on the skin. The sanitizer gel comes in 16-ounce pump bottles for easy dispensing. Karat’s hand sanitizer gel is sold in cases of 24 bottles.




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