Why Make Your Boba Tea Shop Eco-Friendly
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Why Make Your Boba Tea Shop Eco-Friendly

By: Lauren Landry

Here are five reasons why you should make the switch to being an eco-friendly boba tea business as soon as possible.

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can be very beneficial to your business.

Running a boba tea business that is eco-friendly has some huge advantages. Besides the obvious benefit of helping the environment by preserving natural resources, it can do your business good in terms of getting more customers and turning them into loyal ones.

In the previous article, we featured tips on how to make your boba tea shop eco-friendly. In this article, however, we will discuss the reasons why making this move is actually a must for your business today.

Here are five great reasons why you should make your boba tea shop eco-friendly:

1. Reduced costs
2. Improves sustainability
3. Enhanced brand image
4. Ethical practice attracts customers
5. Healthy work environment for staff


Being a green boba tea business can improve your profitability on top of everything else.

#1 Reduced Costs.

Switching to being an environmentally friendly boba tea shop can help you save money. Reducing, recycling, and reusing can lower your expenses.

So how does being eco-friendly reduce costs for your business? Here are some of the ways that make it possible:

- Avoid using unnecessary packaging. Don't use a paper bag when it is not really needed. You can also ask your customer to hold their cup directly, instead of placing it in a cup holder and paper bag.

- Encourage customers to reuse cup jackets. You can give them exclusive discounts on their next orders if they can present their old cup jackets. The same goes for reusable cups and other boba supplies.

- Make your staff use scrap paper when taking orders or taking notes. A piece of paper has two sides, so maximize its use. On the same note, you can use shredded paper as a green alternative to bubble wrap to cushion products.

- Choose an eco-friendly boba supply store for your boba supplies. If you are making the switch, it is natural that you only choose to use biodegradable boba tea supplies. Aside from compostable plastic cups and paper straws, you can also use paper bags instead of plastic bags for take-out orders.

#2 Improves sustainability

The United Nations Brundtland Commission in 1987 defined sustainability as being able to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” 

By lessening the carbon footprints of your business, you can improve your shop's sustainability. This is because you are less dependent on limited natural resources and are able to mitigate your expenses. Furthermore, the rising costs due to climate change will not affect your business gravely.

#3 Enhanced brand image

If you promote your boba tea shop as an eco-friendly business or green marketing, you can immediately stand out from your competitors. This then enhances your brand image, appealing to more customers.

In fact, a study has found that green marketing has a significant influence on brand image, which means the higher the green marketing, the stronger the brand image. And with a higher brand image, the stronger the purchase decision.

#4 Ethical practice attracts customers

Eco-friendly businesses have more impact than ones who do not care about the environment today. More and more consumers are now more aware of climate change. 

To prove this, a Statista survey in 2020 found that 45 percent of consumers are interested in finding sustainable or environmentally responsible brands. In addition to that, 44 percent of consumers said that they were interested in brands that support recycling.

On the same note, ethical practices also attract staff. More people would be interested in working in your boba tea shop, and staff retention also increases.

#5 Healthy work environment for staff

In addition to staff retention and attracting workers that believe in sustainability, an eco-friendly boba tea business also promotes employee health. Making them use green boba supplies like paper straws for their drinks is safer, as these straws do not contain any toxic chemicals as plastic straws do. 

The same is the case for their food. Healthy food options that you provide your staff definitely have positive effects on their health. This also means fewer sick days and happy and productive employees. Staff morale will definitely improve, and more people, which include both customers and staff members, are likely to remain loyal to your business.

The Takeaway

Choosing to do the right thing for the environment saves marine life from ingesting more microplastics, preserves the homes of polar bears, and saves your boba tea business money. Being eco-friendly also effectively boosts your brand image, attracting customers and staff alike.

If your boba tea business is struggling to keep afloat, green consumerism may just save it. Advertising your business as a green and eco-friendly business helps a lot, and that means letting everyone know about this shift on your social media pages and website, if applicable, and also in your physical store as well. Turning into an eco-friendly boba tea shop sure is going to give your business perks!



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