4 Thai Tea Drinks to Offer This Summer
By: Lauren Landry


Offer varieties of this popular orange-colored drink to your customers this summer.

thai tea

Thai Tea is a popular tea-based drink with a creamy orange color served in boba tea shops. This refreshing beverage that originated from Thai street cart vendors combines brewed Thai tea leaves, milk, and a sweetener of your choice and is chilled with ice. The Thai tea leaves give a deep red color, but the color becomes the iconic orange tint when mixed with milk. 

These tea leaves, which are readily available in a boba supply store near you, have earthy undertones. And when mixed with a sweetener and other flavors, it provides a refreshing taste that anyone of any age can enjoy. And if you offer spicy Thai food on your menu, these drinks are perfect to pair with them.

We’ve already shared the Classic Thai Iced Tea Recipe and Thai Tea Boba Recipe, but for this article, we are sharing four new variations of the drink, which are perfect for offering this summer. Here are four Thai Tea recipes to try:

  • 1. Thai Tea Milkshake
  • 2. Thai Milk Tea with Pudding and Boba
  • 3. Lemon Iced Thai Tea with Popping Pearls
  • 4. Thai Rose Milk Tea


#1 Thai Tea Milkshake


Milkshakes are always perfect for hot summer days. They provide a milky, creamy, and refreshing flavor and can be paired with either savory or sweet snacks. And because it has Thai tea in it, this milkshake has a kick of caffeine perfect for those who want a boost of energy at the start of the day.

What are the ingredients for creating a Thai Tea Milkshake?


How do you make a Thai Tea Milkshake?

Brew the Thai tea leaves in filtered water, and allow the tea to cool before chilling. Put the vanilla ice cream, milk, and chilled Thai tea until smooth in a blender. Pour into a cup, top with whipped cream, and drizzle with vanilla syrup. Serve with a straw.


#2 Thai Milk Tea with Pudding and Boba


Egg pudding with boba is a traditional Asian dessert. And it definitely tastes better when combined with Thai tea. This beverage provides just the right bitterness and sweetness with different textures. Thai Milk Tea with Pudding and Boba is perfect as an afternoon refreshment or dessert beverage after a meal.

What are the ingredients for creating Thai Milk Tea with Pudding and Boba?

  • - Tea Zone Thai Tea Leaves
  • - Filtered water
  • - Hot milk
  • - Sugar
  • - Custard egg pudding, preferably with no sugar added
  • - Gelatin powder
  • - Tea Zone Chewy Tapioca Boba


How do you make Thai Milk Tea with Pudding and Boba?

Brew the Thai tea in filtered water, then combine it with hot milk and sugar. Cut your custard egg pudding into small pieces and put them into a cup. Next, pour the milk tea into it and top it off with a helping of chewy tapioca boba pearls. Serve with a giant straw. 


#3 Lemon Iced Thai Tea with Popping Pearls


Unknown to some, lemon and Thai tea is a perfect combination. The tartness of the citrus fruit complements the earthiness of Thai tea. This drink is like your classic lemon iced tea, but with more flavor and texture, as this beverage comes with lemon popping pearls. 

What are the ingredients for creating Lemon Iced Thai Tea with Popping Pearls?


How do you make Lemon Iced Thai Tea with Popping Pearls?

Steep the Thai tea leaves using a tea ball in just-boiled filtered water for a few minutes, then let cool. Pour the lemon juice, honey, and cooled Thai tea into a cup filled with ice cubes. Top off with the lemon popping pearls and garnish the lemon slice. 


#4 Thai Rose Milk Tea 


Rose also complements Thai tea and creates a pinkish peach color when mixed with milk. This beverage provides a unique flavor as it combines the earthiness of the tea, the floral taste of the rose, and the creaminess of the milk. You also have the option to add popping pearls or crystal boba for added texture. 

What are the ingredients for creating Thai Rose Milk Tea?


How do you make Thai Rose Milk Tea?

Make tea using filtered water and Thai tea leaves and let it cool. Pour milk into a cup and drizzle with rose syrup, then stir. Top with crushed ice and drizzle more rose syrup. You can also add rose popping pearls or crystal boba for texture. Serve with a giant straw if you are adding pearls and boba.




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